The home of former U.S. president Jimmy Carter’s aunt, Emily Dolvin-Visscher, referred to as the president’s Roswell White House, has been the focus of his many visits to Roswell. The Roswell Historic District is a magnet for tour groups, and sightseers, conventioneers looking charming antique shops, for buildings and houses, and in particular setting located close to Atlanta and indulged in southern history The Roswell area has developed from being a portion of the Cherokee Nation into a textile mill city to a sleepy historical suburb; in 2010 it was the eighth largest city in Georgia. Roswell’s proximity to the country’s first gold rush, its links into former U.S. presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter, along with the influence of Greek revival design have played a significant part in its history.

Roswell King

Shortly after the discovery of gold at the Cherokee Nation at 1828, Roswell King, former director

Of Pierce Butler’s coastal plantations, Butler Island and Hampton Point on St. Simons Island, visited the “gold country” to explore business chances for the Bank of Darien. In his travels he stumbled upon the confluence of the Chattahoochee River and Vickery (Big) Creek, also as a visionary entrepreneur he saw the commercial potential of exploiting the waterpower.

The state distributed the Cherokee lands to qualified whites in the 1832 lottery, and pioneering settlers established crossroads stores, offered a variety of services, and farmed the land. Except for some Cherokees and a few African slaves, the people, called “the yeomanry,” was quite socioeconomically and racially homogeneous. Most were Baptists or Methodists.

From the creators also introduced the elite two population classes and mill workers, and added to the scant number of slaves in the region.

Roswell King died in 1844 at age seventy-nine and did not live to watch the incorporation of his namesake, the city of Roswell, in 1854. Back in 1853 Martha “Mittie” Bulloch and Theodore Roosevelt Sr., the parents of both U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt, were married at Bulloch Hall, Mittie’s childhood home in Roswell.

From 1860 its capital had tripled and doubled the size of the mill complex and the number of workers. Producing cotton cloth, yarn, rope, and tenting, it was the largest cotton mill in north Georgia.

Mid-1830s King with Ralph, Barrington and his sons, built a mill complex that was incorporated in 1839 since the Roswell Manufacturing Company in Cobb County and returned.

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