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Hit &Run charges in Georgia have defenses built into them that can help you keep your driver’s license from being suspended, and conquer on this charge. Such defenses include if another vehicle struck or in the event that you struck an object such as a road sign or phone pole, and the behavior of the other motorist following the crash, whether the other vehicle was being driven or attended. Whenever you’re cited with Run and Hit charge the officer has the choice of arresting you, or issuing you a citation. Hit and suspends your driver’s license, and carries a maximum penalty of a $ 1,000 fine and Run is a misdemeanor in Georgia. Georgia Hit and Run

Being convicted of a Georgia Hit and Run, or pleading no contest, will suspend your Georgia Driver’s License, or privilege to drive in this condition, for a minimum interval of 4 weeks. Run conviction and A Georgia Hit and Run can have far reaching implications like loss of increased premiums insurance coverage, or loss of employment. In the event that you were arrested for a Georgia Hit and Run the charge is already in your criminal history, however it is not yet on your driving history. The charge isn’t on your history along with your history, in the event that you were given a ticket for Hit and Run. In either event, your license is only going to be suspended if you’re convicted of Hit and Run. Confusion, traffic conditions, and other drivers can cause someone to be billed with Hit and Run if they did not commit this offense. Doctors often wrongly charge people with Hit and Run when they should have been charged to Report an Accident or Dramatic a Fixed Object. Contact us now to discover how to keep this charge off of your driving history, remove it and maintain your driver’s license.

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