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Driving without Valid License

Driving without Valid License

Penalties for a first offense driving with a permit and driving on a suspended license are unpleasant. Desired minimum $500.00 good, two days in prison and an extra 6-month suspension of driving privileges. Secondly crimes within a five-year interval are punishable with a mandatory $1000.00 good, ten days in prison and extra 6-month suspension. License Suspensions and Reinstatement Drivers under the age of 21 have another set of principles. Kids under the age of 17 should appear to reply to those fees. Within the previous twenty decades, I’ve discovered that permit suspensions could be averted. When billed together with the crime of driving on a suspended license or driving with no permit in the State of Georgia, your situation can be solved avoiding suspension and jail time of your driving rights. I get calls concerning license suspension cases. By way of instance, failure will result to drive in the State of Georgia. Struggling to complete a Georgia DUI hazard class within the time will lead to suspension of driving privileges from the State of Georgia.

Call me to talk about your case if you’re interested in a consultation. In case you’ve been charged with O.C.G.A. 40-5-121 Driving on a suspended license or driving with no permit in the State of Georgia, then you have to be represented by a skilled traffic courtroom defense attorney. Having experienced counsel is indispensable. Oftentimes I’m ready to assist you get driving privileges or your own Georgia DriversLicense. Oftentimes I will get your charges reduced and disregarded. This means getting your permit back and preventing jail time, penalties and suspension of your driving privileges.

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