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Atlanta DUI Lawyers

Atlanta DUI Lawyers


Atlanta is a beautiful city, people move in and out of Atlanta everyday to do business and for sightseeing, but the challenge in living in Atlanta is the incessant arrests with DUI charges. It can happen to anyone, guilty or not. Though Atlanta DUI layers always assure you that arrest is not conviction, there is always that embarrassment that follows such a charge especially when you are a law-abiding citizen. Recently, the Police have increased checkpoints in the bid to fish out offenders. Innocent law-abiding citizens have been wrongly arrested and at times convicted as a result of being confused on how to handle such issues, especially when they have not been involved in criminal activities before.

A DUI conviction is a stigma on the convict with a huge price that one will never be able to finish paying for a life time. Atlanta boasts of a large number of DUI lawyers who will be willing to fight your case to a win; because the best thing for a victim is a win. You cannot afford the consequences of losing a DUI case.  The first thing to do when you are arrested for a DUI case is to call a lawyer. With that, you would have taken a right step in the right direction.


Atlanta DUI lawyers always advise: do not run or resist arrest, stop and come out of your vehicle if you are asked to do so. You can politely ask the officer the reason for the arrest; do not be rude or aggressive. After that, be silent, if you must reply the officer, be economical with words. Refuse a roadside or on the spot tests, they are by choice. You can’t be forced to. When the officer is done, also politely ask him if you can leave.


The weight and charges of a DUI case are very heavy, they can cripple your entire life, so you are always advised to be proactive “save your life” if you fall victim. It is important to know the pedigree of the lawyer that will defend you. Pleading guilty even if you are guilty regarding a DUI case is a capita NO!. If you do, be sure that your life will face an unredeemable down turn. Atlanta DUI lawyers don’t give up because DUI cases are a must win.

Know the pedigree of your lawyer, how successful he has been with handling DUI cases. It is a total “no” for a lawyer that pleads guilty for his clients. If you are convicted for a DUI offense, the records will be in your file for the rest of your life. Your carrier and work will be at stake. You will have immigration challenges, grants, your insurance premium will be hiked and may never come down to what it was before the conviction, leasing, even as little as renting a car. So, rule out a lawyer that will advise you to plead guilty.

Be sure the lawyer knows the import and enormity of the charge and the consequences if found guilty. Is he ready and willing to go the full length with the case? Know his expertise and special skills especially when it has to do with so many technicalities, twists and turns. Be sure the lawyer you are hiring is ready to give you sufficient staff representation for optimum result.

Remember, a DUI case is a must win, the fines, charges, and the stigma that are associated with it are far more than how much you will pay a professional Atlanta DUI lawyer. Do not hesitate to get one.

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