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Atlanta DUI Attorneys

Atlanta DUI Attorneys


Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is highly prohibited in GA. Though the law takes a very big stand on it, and officers are always on the lookout for offenders, it has not reduced the rate of arrest on people charged with DUI related offences. Some quarters have argued that what has caused the rise in DUI offences is because the charges for DUI offences are very lenient. However, whether the charges are lenient or not, it could be very devastating when one is charged for a DUI offence. The offender’s wellbeing is already at stake. He has a lot to contend with if convicted: He will be disenfranchised, he will lose his job and find it difficult to get another, he will face housing, immigration, education and adoption difficulties. As a result, some make the wrong decisions when charged for DUI offences. Some resist arrest or take flight. But these decisions compound the problem. The solution has always been hiring an attorney who will plead your case to a logical conclusion.


DUI attorneys are not had to find in Atlanta, they are everywhere and ready to pick your call at any time of the day. You can meet them on the internet or via social media. They are professional, confidential and always with a robust pedigree on DUI cases. They operate in teams or individuals. However, to be sure you are onto the right DUI attorney, it is advisable to check out the history of your to be DUI attorney.


Atlanta DUI attorney’s charge independently, it is for you to get the one that will charge within your budget. Some offer very friendly incentives, like free first consultation. Others give very reasonable discounts. But make sure you have the best legal service to plead your case. Some Atlanta DUI attorney’s also charge a flat rate on some DUI cases, and will let you know how much it will cost you to execute the case from the beginning to the end. This is a highly professional approach. The only extra money you will pay in such cases is just for expenses incurred.

Be smart, get your life back on track, the inconveniencies associated with a DUI conviction cannot equate any amount you pay as service charges to your DUI attorney. Remember, if found guilty, the charges can range from as much as $5,000 to $20,000 or the suspension of your driving license and the enrollment in a DUI school of Assessment and Intervention for up to $350.


Atlanta DUI attorneys are very professional; your attorney needs to have the full details of your case to be able to give you an aggressive legal backing. Do not hold back any relevant information. Atlanta DUI attorney’s take every transaction personal and confidential. Be quick to get one. Remember you have only ten working days before your license with be impounded. Note, while Georgia “second chance law” protects first time offenders from employment discrimination and other barriers they may face, people charged with a DUI or a serious violent or sexual felony is not eligible. That is why you need the legal services of an Atlanta DUI attorney to vigorously defend you.


Atlanta DUI attorneys follow the current trend in the banking sector and are always abreast with new innovations. They try to make things easy for their clients by providing different modes of payment. It is left for the client to choose which mode soothes him or her better. Payments can be made via transfers, internet banking, MasterCard etc. Choose your preferred mode.

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