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Atlanta DUI Attorney

Atlanta DUI Attorney


If you are living in Atlanta or you have just relocated to Atlanta, you need to be watchful not to be cut violating a DUI law. If you are charged for one, you are sure not going to enjoy life or your vacation. Atlanta DUI charges can cripple one to nothing. And the stigma is for a life time. It will always be there in your driving record. So the better you watch out and stay clear of harm’s way. If you must drink in the city of Georgia, then don’t drive. Get a driver or take a cab. With simple caution like this, you would have saved yourself a life crippling situation of being charged and convicted of a DUI offence.


Atlanta DUI attorneys always assure you that arrest is not conviction so do not panic. But also, do not convict yourself by admitting to the crime. Don’t take a flight. Be calm and obey the police officers. But refuse a test if they want to subject you to it on the spot. They do not have a legal right to force you to.

Also, Atlanta DUI attorneys always advise victims to contact one as quick as possible because time is always of essence when you are charged with a DUI offence. Every minute count, you just have to be proactive to get yourself out of the mess. If you are involved in an accident, go ahead and get treatment for your injuries. Like stated, arrest is not conviction. Very important, do not say anything to the police officers. Be silent, if you must reply or answer them; use as few words as possible. Do not convict yourself. Never admit taking alcohol or substance. If you must take a test, breath test is preferable. Put yourself together.


DUI charges in the state of Atlanta fall under two broad categories off:

  1. Less Safe DUI Charge

In a Less Safe DUI Charge, the offender has been alleged to be unable to safely operate a vehicle due to intoxication as a result of substance in his or her system. Like stated earlier, arrest is not conviction. If you are arrested for this kind of charge, you don’t need to panic; your innocence will be proved by your attorney. Contacting one immediately you are arrested is the best thing you will do for yourself.

Less Safe DUI Charges are on the assumption that the driver was under the influence of   substance or prescription   drugs in his or her system while driving to the extent that he or she was “Less Safe” to  drive than he or she would have driven if he or she had not consumed the said substances.

In a Less Safe case, the arresting officer is always invited to present his observations on how the driver was driving and the driver’s Standard Sobriety Field Test performance, and any other physical symptoms observed by the arresting officer that may prove that the driver was unfit to drive. The chemical tests of the driver’s blood, breath, urine or any other as specified are not required for Less Safe Charges.

Per Se DUI Charge

This is when the driver is alleged to have a blood alcohol level exceeding the legal limit as prescribed by the state of Georgia. The crux of this case scenario is reliance on the result of chemical tests of the driver’s blood, breath, urine or any other as specified.


Atlanta has specialized DUI attorneys’, they are well trained to defend you in any of the two case scenarios. Only do not convict yourself by admitting to the crime

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