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Atlanta DUI Attorney

Atlanta DUI Attorney


In Atlanta, there are attorneys’ that have dedicated their carrier to DUI and criminal cases. That is the joy of it if you fall victim of a DUI charge. It can be very devastating to be a victim anyway. It can happen to anybody because officers are always on the prowl watching for offenders. It maybe just a glass of wine you took at a party or get together. On your way home, you are flagged by an officer and before you will realize, all your hardearned reputation is dragged down the drain by just a glass of wine.

Atlanta DUI attorneys understand that most offenders are not criminals, they are just victims of circumstance, so if they are contacted on a DUI case, they always put their weight to make sure the client comes out unscathed. Atlanta DUI attorneys have been described as energetic and vigorous fighters. Sure, they are.


Atlanta DUI attorneys work like in a web; they have associations, unions and clubs. So, they are always together like in a single pull. It is not hard to find one if you have a case to answer. They have very active websites, social network profiles and telephone line that are open 24/7. On a single google search, you will be overwhelmed by the number of attorneys that will pop up. You only need to get satisfied by the DUI legal history of the one you want and a contract is sealed.


Atlanta DUI attorneys also have the clients ease in mind. This so because it is advisable to contact an attorney immediately you are arrested. At least you need a bail; you don’t have to pass the night in the police station.

Their ease of access is reflected in their mode of operation. Some offer free first hearing fess. This helps the client, because at this point he is also confused about what he has got himself into. The free service gives him a kind of peace of mind.

Payments are made flexible. Most attorneys offer a flat rate for most DUI cases. Also, you can be lucky to have an attorney that will let you know how much you are to expend for the execution of the case from begging to judgment. The mode of payment of fees is also made flexible. You don’t need to go cue up in a bank. Payment through internet banking is accepted, MasterCard, transfers etc. Choose your preferred mode.


Be quick with contacting an attorney, remember you have only ten working days before you license will be confiscated. At this point your family is under distress. Because if it is a shared car, they will have to cope without a car for the period and it can be very inconveniencing. Also remember, if you don’t act fast by contacting an attorney, you risk the chance of eroding all your hard earned reputation with a stigma that lasts for a life time.


Atlanta DUI attorneys always advice offenders, do not run or resist arrest when confronted with a DUI charge. Do not succumb to an on the spot breath test or any other, they are not accurate and the officers do not also have the legal right to force you to a test. But if you must give, a breath test is more advisable than a blood test. The result of a breath test can still be contestable in court with great success than the result of a blood test. Be silent or say little, do not convict yourself by admitting to taking alcohol.

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